Colour palettes are a mystery in and of itself. Fluent Design, Material Design, Tailwind or even Bootstrap have them, and the colours have colour labels. I always wondered where these numbers are coming from until I recently had enlightenment.

All palettes follow the same order from lighter to darker colours, with the regular colour somewhere in the middle range. Here are some examples of the most popular Frameworks.

The best way to implement a design on the web is not to use fancy tools or marketing jargons. Every site and application is defined for 25 years by two fundamental technologies. HTML that gives our pages and application a structure. CSS that makes the look and feel and experience envisioned by design come to life. Both combined is all we see and interact on the web.

Happen so that no matter how many technological advancements we put in our code. HTML and CSS together is still the most performant web framework on the planet.

These two web technologies are…

In one of the latest design iterations, the site logo has changed to incorporate the new Fluent UI design. The site logo has now rounded borders. Let’s do a quick design review of how this work or don’t work for some companies.

In the end, you will learn a trick on how to revert the changes, Microsoft did on the logo.

The logo of a company is sacred if you don’t use it properly in corporate communications you are in big trouble. …

This time we take a look at the fundamentals on the page and text layout on modern SharePoint pages in communication sites. The text layout is the essential design element on web sites and the intranet. 95% of a current information system is base on just text.

First, let us define some basics on typography on the web to have a better understanding later on the available layout options we currently have.

Before we can review the typography and text structure options on SharePoint, there are some core rules user should be aware of creating content for the web. …

First of all, I like the new “Create a list” experience. The organisation of all the different possibilities is excellent now.

Design Review on Create a list in SharePoint Online

This wizard-like experience allows you to create list quickly and guides you to what you want to do. Also, it comes with great new features such as create a new plan based on existing across all site collections in your tenant.

The base idea of how it looks now is promising, but there are some design and user experience issues I like to uncover in this design review.

A general rule is that content, and interactive elements should have…

During development or the product design or project, you like to avoid external dependencies as much as possible to keep your code secure, reliant and consistent. With these baselines, I want to cover some aspects of Fluent UI that you should consider before adopting it. To be more specific the reason when considering Fluent UI are related to the web version.

Fluent UI is not the new Office UI Fabric. It is the upcoming and continually evolving design system for Microsoft 365. …

Last week I discovered a leak that effects documents published on Workplace from Facebook. After filing a white hat report, I got a response from Facebook’s security team. It seems that they are not concerned that customer data are exposed publicly by their platform via public content delivery networks. The leak is how this platform treats documents and how sharing works.

Workplace from Facebook — marketing statement on their web site

“Access for everyone” and “discover the secrets of connected companies” are taken literally.

Like many other social networks for companies, Workplace allows sharing documents with your co-workers. …

With Markshell I created a small tool that allows you to output Markdown files directly to the console. Why that? Right now, when you write a CLI or any console application, you like to provide some help for it. On the other hand, you also want to have proper documentation set up on Github pages or only in the Github Repo.
Markshell is precisely for that and helps and provides this opportunity and helps you to avoid writing multiple documentations.

The first version released focused more on the overall output of a Markdown file written to the console. The…

For more than ten days Austria is now in a shutdown mode. Affected by this should down are school and universities. Teachers, pupil and students tried hard to continue their lectures and started to use all kind of available technologies available.

Microsoft teams in schools

The school system in Austrian was caught off guard in some ways. With E-learning platforms hardly used, they became from one day to another essential.
Another tool that now makes its appearance in Education is Microsoft Teams, where no one ever thought about it before. …

TLDR: To enable this feature in Office 365. Upload a 3D model saved as a GLB file to any document library and you are able to preview it live in your browser.

SharePoint supports 3d moddle preview

The more exciting story is now how to use technology but why and what are the possible application.

Since the announcement at the SharePoint Conference 2018 last year, I was thinking a lot about 3D ins context of SharePoint. Why do we need this? How can we use it? Last but not least, what are the benefits?

I firmly believe that many areas in the industry already work…

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